A person who expresses indifference or apathy towards something. Also: meh sayer, mehsayer.
Example Citations:
\@timoreilly New meta-post responding to Ada Lovelace Day meh-sayers: \#ald10.
—Carlos McEvilly (\@panopy), " New meta post...:," Twitter, March 24, 2010
As a citizen of the internet it is my duty (nay my responsibility!) to crap all over everything. That said, Will Forte and Kristen Wiig are hilarious and I'll watch anything they do. Suck on that, meh-sayers!
—Alexander Humphries, " MacGruber Red-Band Trailer and New Images" (comment):\#comment-30376923, /Film, January 19, 2010
Earliest Citation:
For the "meh sayers": I wish every big company would make games with this much quality, good mechanics and responsive controls.
—Milbe, " God of War II; First Impressions (comment):\#comment416374," Eurogamer, May 19, 2006
Meh (pronounced like the "me" in medal or message) is an interjection, often accompanied (in person, anyway) by a shrug of the shoulders, used to signal that one is bored by, or apathetic or indifferent to, something. It entered the lexicon via The Simpsons TV show (the earliest usage coming in a 1994 episode), and has even made it into at least one dictionary.
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Interesting word.
Almost similar to what is happening with texting- It is now sexting but new word is vexting for video text... Wave of future i guess.

New words. 2013.

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